The design

The folding beam is a 2-element directive antenna for five amateur bands (20/17/15/12/10m band, 6m band optional). It consists of wire elements attached to a support structure in a concentric way. The center post carries the support cords and is a coaxial feeder for the drivers. The driver/reflector arrangements are fixed to the fibreglass spreaders.


The feedpoint cord support is molded onto the center post. Connector SO-239 (N type socket optional at no extra cost)

Detail Feeder

The hub takes up six swivel spreaders and electrically isolates the center post from the mast or rotator underneath

Detail Hub

The spreader sections are connected with locking swivel joints

Swivel joint

open swivel joint

open swivel joint

The spreader tips have rounded heads with zig zag slots for the support cords

Spreader tip

The center post acts as a coaxial feeder, each driver is fed individually

driver feed

Clamping the wires onto the spreaders is a snap with special clips!

wire clip

Join wire ends and spacing cords with these universal detachable clamps

universal clamp

The top cap has spacers to provide air flow and easy moisture escape from the center post

top cap

These optional storm brackets will damp lateral spreader movement and prevent from folding up in strong wind gusts

storm brackets

Antenna collapsed to only 1.15 m (45") total length

antenna collapsed

Optional transportation & protection bag with shoulder straps


Optional large clamp-on ferrite for K9YC style common mode choke, 3 turns of cable up to 11.5 mm (0.45") O.D., shown here with RG-213. Perfect for portable use, easy to fit and to remove. No need to cut the connector (in opposite to using a string of ferrite beads).


Optional thick walled rotating guy ring for 30mm O.D. top section masts, no rope thimbles needed due to rounded edges.

guy ring

Please find more pictures and information in the construction manual.

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